We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality service to our clients based on the principles of honesty and integrity in all dealings. We endeavor to establish an organization which is respected by all who come in contact with us.


The ability to understand the owner’s goals and the ability to implement a plan to achieve those goals is critical to a project’s success. Early involvement in a project allows us to utilize our expertise in the critical decision making process and work with the design team, on a professional basis, to help ensure the highest level of success for the client.


As an established general contractor, staffed by professionals with many years of experience, we offer the highest level of Construction Services. We have developed highly effective management systems for project staffing, scheduling, cost and budget control and effective reporting systems essential to providing on-time, on budget delivery of complex projects.


The vital asset in our company's success and growth has been our people. Because of their broad experience and many talents, they are capable of performing many functions in our business. Because of this flexibility, we can offer full service on a wide range of projects with low overhead.
EnviroCom Construction, Inc.

In this business, the strongest foundation isn’t concrete and steel. It’s your word.

Too often, words like integrity, honesty and pride get handed out like currency, but they’re empty of value. EnviroCom Construction, Inc. changed it all. For over 20 years, we at EnviroCom have grown the company by building on our word to uphold these values with each and every project. As a result, we’ve become the general contractor of choice with owners and architects. When you bring more to the table than the next guy, you get asked to sit down at more tables.